Welcome to the Sustainable Home Hub! Your hub for all things sustainable design+build+decorate.

Founded by Helen Edwards, Writer, Blogger and Podcaster at Recycled Interiors, the hub is here to help you create a home and life you love, while caring for your health, wellbeing and our planet. The creation of the Sustainable Home Hub has emerged after growing our community over the past 4 years; along with connections to industry. Acting like a bridge, we bring those 2 groups together, allowing sustainable architects, designers, decorators, landscapers; makers of furniture, homewares, textiles and art; community gardens and networks; solar companies; garden products and so on, to reach potential customers; and allowing you to search for what you need, when you need it, in one spot – to create a beautiful home you love, while treading more lightly on the planet.


Adding your business to the Hub is easy!

Benefits of a premium listing include:

Choice of annual payment or quarterly payments

Inclusion in our detailed searchable website directory, so people can find your business near their location, or Australia wide if you are an online business

Business Name and Address

All relevant contact details with the ability to email you straight from the listing

Social Links straight to your website and social media accounts

Prominent social sharing tabs so people can share your listing across their accounts

Photo Gallery with as many image as you would like

You can also add video to make your listing even richer

Add your qualifications and any green credentials

Use tag words and categories to make searching even easier

Detailed listing content – add whatever words you would like to profile your work

Reviews from customers – encourage your past customers to come share the love!

Opportunity for featured blog & podcast spots on Recycled Interiors and The Sustainable Home Hub – we currently have over 130,000 followers (valued alone at $1500+ worth of promotion)

Reduced rate blog & podcast advertising opportunities

Opportunity for features on home page of the Hub

We will work for your business to make sure it is shared across our community on all social media platforms and the blog


Why should you sign your business up to the Sustainable Home Hub?


The Sustainable Home Hub is focussed on all things sustainable design+build+decorate. We are all about homes and how people live in them. It is our intention to become the first place people come when seeking information about a sustainable home design, building or decorating need.

Industry & Community Connected

We are connected with both community and industry, and we work to make sure your business is connected to the people who matter – think of us like a little bridge, helping your potential customers find you on the other side. 🙂

We are hard at work behind the scenes to make sure we can understand and meet your business needs, as well as offering your potential customers the information they need.

 Community Engagement

The fabulous Recycled Interiors community are passionate about creating a beautiful home, while treading lightly on the earth and want to design, build, renovate & decorate their homes with a sustainable approach. They love locally designed and made furniture and homewares, especially from small creatives who are offering something unique; DIY, upcycling and renovating – they are always looking for products and ideas to help them in their projects; vintage decorating; locally made, locally designed products that last; and a buy once buy well approach to their purchases.

Over the past 3 and a half years, we have built a genuinely engaged community and Recycled Interiors is listed as the number 1 sustainable living blog in Australia via Catablog; as well as being in the top 10 home design blogs. Helen Edwards is one of Australia’s top bloggers, an Australian of the Year State Finalist; Telstra Business Women’s Awards State Finalist; and has over 16 years experience working online and creating connected communities.

Multiple Platforms

We offer connections and engagement across our multiple platforms including regular blog posts and features, our podcast, email newsletter and large social media following of 130,000 people and growing daily. We will work across all platforms using a variety of media including video, audio and written words, engaging images, competitions and giveaways, in person live events; and opportunities for business features across our community platforms, to help people find your sustainable home related business, when they need you most.

Small Steps for Big Impact

Recycled Interiors and the Sustainable Home Hub are here to show you how to make small changes to have a big impact. When we all take these small steps, we pack a powerful punch. Think of yourself like a tree trying to shade a home. As one tree, you can make some definite impact and at certain times of the day, you will cast a strong patch of shade across the roof of the house. But if you had a group of trees next to you, dotted around the property, you would create a forest, and this would bring far more shade, oxygen and comfort to everything that lives on the block. On an even wider scale than that, you would contribute to the health of our planet. Together, your little forest of trees would improve the environment of the home and the lives of the people who live in it, as well as the wider world.

We are harnessing so many people’s desires to make a shift in their lives, to do something that makes a difference in your own backyard, to contribute to reducing the damage to our planet and create a better future for us all. It can feel hopeless when you read all of the facts and figures, but our message is that we are not just growing tomatoes because it is fun, or shifting back to locally-grown food because we are wannabe hipsters. We are not buying furniture from locally-made woodworkers just because it is beautiful or on-trend. We are not upcycling and making our own cushion covers just because it is satisfying to do something yourself. All of those things may be true, but these changes in the ways we live are ultimately contributing to reducing the damage to our planet and improving the quality of all of our lives. The future looks bright when we all look forward together.

About Helen

helen PR

 Helen Edwards, founder of Recycled Interiors & The Sustainable Home Hub, is a passionate and genuine lover of people & planet, an eternal optimist, and has spent her life helping, nurturing & loving human beings, animals & our earth. Founder of a charity, one of Australia’s top bloggers, state finalist in the Australian of The Year Awards 2016 & the Telstra Business Women’s Awards in 2015, she is a writer, blogger & podcaster; a tree hugger, a Mama of 3 gorgeous sons & wife to Mr Recycled. Her goal always – to help you create a home and a life you love while caring for your health, wellbeing and our planet.

“I want to inspire you to think before you buy, reduce your waste & lighten your footprint on the planet, while you create a happy healthy home & life you can love”.

Who Can Join The Sustainable Home Hub?

Sustainable Design & Architecture Practices

The design of a home build or renovation is the critical part – get the design right and the home will sit lightly on its surroundings, hold its occupants safely, and minimise the impact on the planet. Make sure people find you when they need your help, through listing your sustainable design or architecture practice with us. Help them get off on the right foot and connect to potential clients through our Sustainable Home Hub.

Building, Garden & Landscaping Services & Materials

Finding the right builder or landscaper, and knowing what materials are really the best sustainable choice, can be tricky, and even impossible. Potential customers may not know where to go to find a local person to work with them on a sustainable home build or renovation. Listing your building or landscape gardening services, sustainable materials or products, helps people find you when they are seeking ideas, information and services, for their sustainable build, renovation, or garden project.

Creating a Beautiful Sustainable Home Interior

The interior of your home is a huge part of sustainable design. Once the outside is sorted, people need to understand what materials, finishes, homewares and furnishings, are going to meet their needs, their style & care for the health of the people who live in the home, as well as our planet. Listing your sustainable decorating, styling or interior products and services, homewares and furnishings, plastic alternatives for the kitchen and eco friendly home cleaning products, will ensure you are there when people need you – and create the heart of the home.

DIY & Upcycling Products

Upcycling or reinventing your home through renovating, upcycling a piece of furniture, or creating your own homewares through DIY projects, is one of the best ways to be sustainable. Things that already exist, can be reinvented and used happily for many years. Homes can be changed and altered, rather than knocked down and built again. If you offer a DIY product or service such as paint, wallpaper, craft materials etc, you may be a perfect fit for the Hub!

Sustainable Living Products & Networks

Finding information about how live a more sustainable life is very important. If you are a community garden, sustainable building network, tiny house group, etc we would love to have you join the Hub! If you are a not for profit or community group please contact us for special discounts. If you are a business offering products that make a sustainable lifestyle more possible, such as composting bins, raised garden beds, solar panels and home battery storage, rain water tanks etc you are a PERFECT match for the Hub!

SHH header 2Benefits of the Sustainable Home Hub

A Focused Community

Currently, the Recycled Interiors community has over 130,000 very engaged people who are passionate about sustainable living, and growing daily. Make use of the existing Recycled Interiors networks, email mail outs, Facebook community of over 71,000 followers, blog readers and more.

Blog & Podcast Features

We will be offering opportunities to Sustainable Home Hubsters, to be featured on the Recycled Interiors blog, podcast, the main Hub Home page and more. Make the connections to our community and help grow a bigger, stronger community network around sustainable design and living with your brand front and centre.

Grow Your Business

By being part of the Sustainable Home Hub, you will connect with a growing community of other businesses who believe in working together to make a difference to the planet and all of our lives; and who are as passionate about design, building and decorating as you are! Joining us early in the journey will ensure you have the best exposure possible for your brand.

Our Criteria & Values

The Sustainable Home Hub aims to:

salvage iconBring together sustainable, green and eco friendly design+build+decorate businesses who provide materials, products or services.

sust network iconAs far as possible, ensure that the businesses listed are following sustainable principles in their work.

timber iconMake it easier for businesses to reach potential customers, and for people to find what they need when seeking to design, build and decorate their sustainable home.

green living iconCreate a one stop hub for the Australian community to seek services, products and materials, for designing, building, renovating & decorating their homes, so they can tread more lightly on the earth, while creating a home they love.

All listings will be assessed to determine if they fit our values for:

  • Eco and earth friendly products
  • Sustainably and responsibly sourced materials
  • Consideration of the process
  • Packaging, materials and carbon footprint
  • Fair trade, social welfare and ethical principles

Where possible, we will look for certification of products and businesses, via third party certification – and will request this on application where appropriate. If we believe your business does not fit our criteria, we will let you know and if you have pre paid (i.e in the pre launch period), you will be refunded. We will make every attempt to ensure all businesses are in line with the sustainable principles of the hub before listing.

Join us here to list your business on the hub!